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Before the Big Day!

I photographed the lovely Mark and Celine a week before their wedding day for some pre-wedding photos. Celine was dressed beautifully in first a traditional white wedding gown and later in a gorgeous antique pink gown with loads of beautiful ruffles. Mark was very smart in his black and brown suits, the later matching perfectly with Celine's pink dress to create some stunning images for them to use at their wedding. We toured all over Queenstown in the late afternoon from Glenorchy to Arrowtown and everywhere in between. These 2 specifically wanted to capture a the 'kiwi' aspect of their lives to show off to their loved ones from overseas and so we included mountains, lakes, streets, and even good old kiwi farm animals. These guys left me some great feedback which I was so stoked to hear and will share with you...

"Hi Suzannah, I feel like you are not a photographer, you are not taking picures BUT You are a very good story teller. You captured moments & eliciting emotion. Those picture you took us are fabulous. So natural and beautiful. We feel so lucky to have found you. Thank you soooooo much:)" Janice & Mark

Such a lovely and happy couple and I hope they enjoy their great future together. Here is a small selection of the shots from the shoot:

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