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Minnie-Mel on the way!

Maternity photos are some of my favourite, why? because they usually involve an uber excited mumma-to-be who is really excited about welcoming the new family addition. This photo shoot was no exception! Melissa, Mitch and I headed down to Maraetai Beach in Auckland late in the afternoon to do this maternity photo shoot a few weeks before baby was due to arrive earth-side. We were surprised to find that hardly anyone else was around! Perfect for us because it meant we had the beach and the wharf to ourselves for most of the hour. When a couple is truly in love, it makes my job so easy! Although its me that directs where to stand, which way to look etc..., the actual interactions are real, the smiles, laughs, loving looks at each other, all that is genuine! And it was so effortless for Melissa and Mitch and it made it a joy to capture these moments for them.

Isn't she such a stunning mumma!

One of Auckland's many under-rated beaches, perfect for a romantic photoshoot!

That Maraetai wharf though? I have fond memories jumping off this wharf in summer so its great to go back, this time for a very different reason.

We managed to score some beautiful sunset colours, every photographers dream right??

Our bare-foot beauty here enjoying the last moments of this stunning Auckland sunset.

Wishing Melissa and Mitch all the best for their new baby and hoping they manage to get some decent sleep.

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