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A Mother, Daughter & Grandmother

Sometimes the nicest place to have a family photoshoot is at your family home. After all, it is the place you spend most of your time, where most of your memories are created, where the things are that have sentimental value are and where you are most relaxed. So i was extra excited when Anusha decided to have her family portrait shoot in her very beautiful Auckland villa. This photoshoot was mostly to capture Anusha's beautiful daughter who was an absolute natural in front of the camera. I came away from this photoshoot absolutely stoked with the images i had captured and i couldn't wait to get home to edit them. I can never make up my mind between what my favourite part of my job as a photographer is. I love the whole process, from booking and organising all the details, to the photoshoot, to the editing and to the delivery of the final images. I guess that is why i do what i do, i love every aspect of the journey. Here are some of my favourite images from our shoot...

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