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Gee Marie Kids - Making babies look cute!

I hate conventional product photography! I don't think you will find me taking photos with a green screen, or on a plain white backdrop with no corners. I like to think of ways to showcase products in an interesting way. If i can incorporate nature into the photography I enjoy the project way more, but I also feel it showcases the product in a different way. The other way I like to photograph products is as they are, in the store, on the shelf, being used or during the creation process. I like to capture the maker of the product, the creator, and make the photos a bit more personal than your stock standard product image. Here is a photoshoot i did for Gee Marie Boutique Kids in Nelson, New Zealand. She hand-makes these gorgeous outfits for girls and boys, from a sewing room in her house which sits up on a hill overlooking the Richmond and Tasman mountains. I love that I can capture not just her product, but her craft and Geraldine as the creator. You can purchase these products off Gee Marie's website HERE. She also sells her clothes via her FELT page (which is the NZ version of ETSY for those who have never heard of it). Her clothes for babies, toddlers and children are made of 100% cotton, linen, muslin and merino and she usually makes 2 or 3 items in each fabric only, in a few sizes and styles. A product you purchase off Gee Marie Kids is likely to be the only one like it in the world!

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