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7 Reasons why a 'First Look' on your Wedding Day is a Good Idea

Why you should have a first look at your wedding...

Yes, it's breaking the tradition of not seeing your betrothed until that moment when the bride walks down the isle (which i can understand is very important for many couples), but... who really follows tradition at weddings these days anyway. We live in a world now where you pick and choose exactly what you want, you can choose to break tradition or follow it, pick some traditions to follow but not all. The beauty of getting married in 2022 an beyond is that you can do it anyway you want to.

Here are my main reasons for doing a 1st look:

1. This is an authentic moment that can be really well captured in photos with lots of expression and real emotion. It tells a story and as a series, can be very powerful.

2. There are few times during your wedding day that you as the couple will get to spend a moment together without all the guests trying to get your attention, this is the moment to soak each other in without an audience.

3. It can minimise a lot of the nerves, and who better to give you a cuddle and a pep talk before you stand up in front of your guests than the love of your life?

4. You are still going to feel all the feelings when you see each other again at the ceremony, and the photos of each others reactions will still be beautiful just like as if you hadn't seen each other already.

5. More photos! You get more cool photos in your wedding gallery, and these photos tell a story.

6. Tag on the bridal party portraits after the first look, and then once you do get married, you are free to enjoy the company of your guests without having to duck away for your photos.

So have I convinced you that having a first look is the best option? If not, check out the photo series below and see if these can convince you further, and if they don't, thats totally ok. Ultimately, it''s your wedding day, so you get to choose exactly what works for you.

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