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Bipin & Eliza's Wedding Photoshoot

Bipin and I used be flatemates in when I lived in Queenstown a few years. He contacted me one day to say he'd gotten married in India but he and his bride wanted some wedding photos taken in New Zealand. I immediately accepted his request to be their photographer and booked a day to do their photoshoot.

I met Eliza for the first time on the day of our photoshoot and together we all drove out to Glenorchy from Queenstown to the Dart River Stables where we had a model horse waiting. It turns our horses are harder to work with than children, and getting this horse to be where we wanted him was a defnate challenge for me, but we were able to get some really beautiful images and so I was happy.

The weather on this day was also a challenge, it was really windy, but it also started to rain after about 30mins with the horse, so we ditched the stables and headed for the famous Glenorchy wharf, where it was still fine.

Bipin and Eliza were great together, they had such great chemistry in front of the camera and it was fun to capture. The Glenorchy wharf was not very busy (perhaps due to the weather) and that meant we were given a good amount of time with it to ourselves to really get some awesome shots. Eventually however the rain caught up with us again and while we tolerated it for a while we eventually decided to head back into Queenstown to shoot at our next location.

Our final photoshoot was at the historical Shotover bridge in Queenstown with the beautiful Shotover River and mountains of Arrowtown in the backdrop. By this time we were all feeling so relaxed, myself included and the photos we captured here were just beautiful. Bipin and Eliza were so comfortable with each other and able to make each other laugh all the time. I can see how happy they are together when I look back at these photos of them. Their laughs and smiles were real and that is what I love about photographing couples in love, documenting the joy of a relationship in a photo.

Eventually it even started to rain at the Shotover bridge so we called it a day and ended our session. Bipin and Eliza were super generous and invited me to have dinner with them at their house, so I got treated to a delicious Indian feast.

Overall I am really pleased with the images I took of this beautiful couple. I wish them all the very best for their coming years together.


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