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Lachie the Explorer

Jess and I have been friends since we met in year 11 art class (5th form) at high school in Auckland.. Through the years we have stayed good friends and although we don't catch up as much as we would like, we manage to see each other a few times a year and we always just pick up where we left off and carry on. For me, thats what good friends are, the ones who, even when you haven't seen each other for a while, the friendship between you never changes, and Jess is one of those friends to me.

Jess met Greg at high school too, and they started dating soon after, and I have watched their relationship go from strength to strength ever since. 15 years later they are happily married with an adorable son Lachlan, affectionately known as 'Lachie".

Lachie is a cool kid. He is adventurous, explorative and kind. Did I say explorative??? During our photoshoot at Cockle Bay Beach in Howick, he didn't stay still for more than a second. He spent most of the time finding rock pools and squatting down to see what interesting sea creatures and shellfish they contained. He was followed by his larger 'doppelgänger' Dad, who also spent a significant amount of time searching the rock pools. Whist the 2 lads discovered the marine life at low tide, Jess told me stories of her son, how he surprises her with his kind heart. One particular story she told me was about Lachie offering to give some of his most loved possessions to a baby in need at Christmas time. I was impressed and also amazed that a child so young could already have a grasp on the concept of giving, more so than some adults I know. But it shouldn't surprise me really, because if you knew Jess and Greg, you would know that they are some of the nicest people I know, and it makes sense that their son has inherited and been taught their compassion for others.,

Here is a snapshot of some of my favourite pictures from our photoshoot a few weeks ago in Howick. Jess and Greg chose the location of Cockle Bay Beach at low tide specifically so Lachie could enjoy exploring the beach and for me this was great. I think there is nothing better than capturing pictures of families doing what they love, together. Enjoy the pictures.

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