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My Top 5 Tips for Posing on your Wedding Day

Unless you are a trained model, it's hard to pose in front of a camera with your partner and you can sometimes feel awkward and unsure of how to 'be' for the photos. A good photographer will be able to help ease the discomfort and guide you through the process with their knowledge of 'posing'. But here are a set of tips that can help lift your comfort level, achieve some authentic poses and get some natural 'non-cheesy' expressions in your photos.

1. Pop the hip

What do i mean? This is great for guys and girls, but especially helps the ladies to achieve a more feminine look. For the males, it helps to achieve a look of strength and confidence. Simply transfer all of your weight onto one foot to create a curve in the body rather than a straight line. When I direct my subjects to do this, it instantly makes them feel more comfortable and relaxed and takes away some of the 'stiffness'. Ladies, you can really accentuate this look and even if it feels un-natural to have your weight so shifted, it will only enhance the overall pose of the photo.

2. Angle bodies away from the camera

Don't stand straight on to the camera (unless you specifically want that look). Turn your bodies on an angle to create more dimension and interest. Standing forwards towards the camera is boring and unoriginal, There are many options with this, you can face each other, stand back to back with but on a 45 degree angle to the camera, or create a 'V'' with your two bodies.

3. Don't always look at the camera

Instead of both looking directly at the camera and smiling with a fake and awkward grin, look elsewhere, look at each other, look at the horizon, talk to each other, whisper something in each others ear. This creates real reactions and expressions that photograph so much nicer than simply smiling at the camera.

4. Move

Some of my favourite photos of couples are when they are just walking hand in hand or dancing on the beach. Moving, running, walking, dancing, skipping etc... are all ideas that can create a more interesting photo that hands down beats those standing awkward poses. Not only do they look good on camera, but they take away that feeling of 'not knowing what to do'. Capturing 'action' images results in candid, unposed and natural images.

5. Be Intimate

While it can sometimes be embarrassing to snuggle up close and get cosy in front of a camera, when you show true intimacy for your photos, they capture something really special. Hold each other close, snuggle into his chest, kiss her neck and whisper soft words into her ear... Do this and you will get some beautiful moments that truely showcase your love for each other.

Just one extra tip... try to be mindful of keeping your face in view of the camera while you are carrying out these poses as you don't want your beautiful faces hidden. Even if you are not looking at the camera, the camera should still be able to see your faces.

I utilise all of these tips many times with my couples and they really do help me to capture authentic and beautiful images. Give them a try before your big day and go into your wedding day with confidence.

By Suzannah Maree - Auckland Wedding & Engagement Photographer

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