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Let me Help you with your Social Media Content
Social media has changed they way we market our businesses.
It has created a way to stand out, build your brand, develop a personal relationship with customers and create the way you want to be perceived by the public. I once heard someone say that the best advertising is not to try and obviously sell your product but instead to make people love your product and/or brand so much that they don't need to be asked to buy it, they like it so much that they seek out to buy it without the prompt of traditional advertising. Social media has the ability to create a perception of your business that gives the public something to love about it.
I see so many businesses who manage the content of their social media in a really clever way, with good photography and a consistent theme that attracts their target audience. Their social media platform's send a very specific and intentional message to potential customers. They attract interest, they impress people, they make potential customers want to buy the product, visit the restaurant, use the service, etc... And why? Because they like what they see enough to make them want it.
I also see many companies with poor content on their social media platforms. These Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles give people no reason to follow them, to use their products, to shop in their store, to visit their cafe, to eat their food? Why? because its not appealing enough to catch any interest. Because it doesn't impress anyone. It creates the wrong perception.
Ok, so here is the nitty gritty...I want to work with you! I want to create photography for you that you can use on your social media platforms and your website to help grow the perception of your brand or company and to impress your target audience. I want to help you stand out and get noticed! To do this, i need to take your photos! 
I have therefore put together several packages to supply your business with photography content in order to boost your social media platforms. If this lengthy spiel has caught your attention, take a look at my packages below, contact me and let me show you how i can improve the public image of your company.


A weekly photoshoot providing you with 15 high resolution JPEG images on an ongoing basis.



A monthly photoshoot providing you with 40 high resolution JPEG images on an ongoing basis.

Product Photography

$50 per 10 images

A one-off photoshoot providing you with your chosen amount of high resolution JPEG images.

I currently reside in Auckland but make monthly trips to Nelson and I am happy to work with companies from both of these locations. I am able to consider other locations however travel costs will have to be negotiated. If none of these packages are suitable for you, I am happy to work together to create something that is. 
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