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6 Ladies, 3 Days, 1 Epic Adventure

Hey peeps! Im blogging something a little different for you today. Last week i set off to Queenstown for a few days to undertake the epic New Zealand tramping trail known as the Routeburn Track. I have had this on my bucket list since i could walk (almost) and it feels great to have finally completed it. To say it was AMAZING would be a huge understatement. All the talk and praise i had heard about this trail still didn't prepare me for how epic it was going to be. We were a bunch of 6 women, most of us didn't know each other but because we all shared a love of nature and tramping it was super easy to get along and we all ended the 3 day tramp as great friends, making all sorts of plans about where we could adventure to next. So i am going to share with you now some of the pics from the trip (and believe me, it is hard to share only a few because i went a bit nuts with my camera).

Admiring the view from the Flats

The purpose of this trip was not photography. But alas, the ladies got asked to pose for me in all sorts of spots throughout the trail. There was alot of me asking 'hey can you just stand there for minute?', 'can you face that direction?', 'look at me', 'look out at that mountain', haha. And they were all absolutely sweet with it and carried out all my demanding requests with zero complaints. It was lots of fun.

This is Routeburn flats, where we didnt stay but stopped for a yummy lunch of crackers, salami, cheese and whatever other luxury and energy rich foods we deemed light enough to bring along.

View from the outdoor area of Routeburn Flats Hut

Hiking further up, we arrived at our first hut for the night, the Routeburn Falls hut. This is the view from the area close to the hut down into Routeburn Flats. Im loving the perfect triangle shape of the mountain in the view ahead.

Here is the reason why the hut here is called Routeburn Falls hut. It sits beside a series of cascading waterfalls that are spectacular to watch. Im sure that in the early spring these falls are pumping and even more impressive to watch.

A fellow hut hiker drying out his gear on the rails of the Routeburn Falls hut

Setting off for day 2 on the Routeburn Track through this beautiful valley which was so stunning, we stopped all the time to just soak it all in.

Light and shadows made getting good shots a little challenging, we had the direct sun overhead for most of the day and it was hot! No need for that down jacket I trudged the whole way with me (of course we scored the best weather conditions you can hope for... no wind, full sun, no sandflies!).

Can I please just build a house here and look at the view every day forever??

It did eventually become a bit cloudy for a while but we had no rain during the day so we were pretty fortunate and it made for some great photo ops.

Checking the view and being mind blown... again!

We stopped for another super nutritious and fine dining lunch at the Harris Saddle emergency shelter.We ditched our packs and headed up the mountain behind this to climb Conical Hill, unfortunately I chose not to take my camera up here, but thinking about it now, I wish I had because it was the most amazing part of the entire hike!

Heading away from the saddle towards our next hut by MacKenzie Lake

Checking out views into the valley below!

The trail has loads of bridge crossings, here was one that was memorable because we stopped for a drink and freshen up (involving us pouring the cold water over our heads to cool down). Its always so nice to be able to drink strait from the rivers and streams and along the Routeburn you can definitely do this without having to treat the water or even filter it. #purenzbaby

A little tarn on the side of the hill!

This was where we almost begin our descent into the valley to Lake MacKenzie so we made the most of the grand views for a little bit before we carried on.

Lake MacKenzie

Not much beats the New Zealand native bush, especially in Fiordland National Park

Lake MacKenzie in the early morning before we set off for the final day of our tramp.

A last minute check to make sure we had got everything and no-one was left behind.

I made the biggest rookie mistake on this tramp, to bring only 1 camera battery (to reduce weight in my pack, but I regretted this decision) and so my camera went flat pretty soon after this shot was taken and I missed out on getting pictures of day 3. The best views were definitely on days 1 and 2 from Glenorchy to Lake MacKenzie though so I don't feel too ripped off, rather it was nice to enjoy the 3rd day with only my eyes and have a bit of a break from holding my camera in my hands all day long.

At the end of the trail we were picked up by Martin from Buckley Track Transport. He entertained us all the way back to Queenstown with tales of his time living and working in the Queenstown area. We arrived exhausted but happy and very ready for a non-de hydrated dinner!

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